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Two New Advertising Methods Added!
Published on 30-01-2019

Dear members,

AdNetwork Group (BitVertiser, AdLitecoin & AdEtthereum) decided to add 2 more new advertising methods after we received many tickets where advertisers request to bring more advertising options for them.

Begin today advertisers can purchase Featured Ads Impressions and Featured Link Ads.

Your Advertisements will be displayed on the Homepage of the site, where you can receive greatest results from your advertising!

Best regards,

Russel W.

Fixed Advertisement Added!
Published on 18-01-2019

Hello advertisers,

Are you tired to purchase thousands of credits and check every time your remained credits?

Begin today Bitvertiser added a new advertising way for you, from now on your worries dissapears, because you can buy your Fixed Ads plan for 1 day or for 30 days with Unlimited credits.

The Fixed Ads plans starts from 5,000 Satoshies for 1 day with Unlimited credits.

BitVertiser has a promotion  too for  the advertisers

Buy Fixed Advertisement Plan for 30 Days and BitVertiser give to you for free another 10 Days for free.

This bonus promotion is for first 10 advertisers.  Hurry up the offer is limited

BitVertiser Admin.

Payeer Added!
Published on 14-01-2019

Hello everyone,



I'm Glad to announce that BitVertiser has added Payeer as new payment method for members that do not have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencys and they have FIAT (USD) and want to invest.

It's very simple to Add Funds with Payeer you need to make 3 steps:


1) Go to Add Funds from My account

2) Enter your desired amount in Satoshies and the Payeer will covert your Satoshies into USD

3) Complete the Payment and that's all. Your payment is done and you will have your funds in your account in no time.


If you don't know how much Satoshies means in USD you can use the site below to convert the Satoshies in USD.

Convert Satoshi to USD


Remember the Satoshi to USD conversion is made by Payeer and Bitvertiser is not responsable for the conversion or by the Bitcoin Price.


If you have any question you are free to contact us through our support system.



Russell Weissman


BitVertiser Official Launch
Published on 12-01-2019

Hello everyone,

As your host Russell Weissman, I have the pleasure to introduce the grand opening to our latest project in this industry ––

BitVertiser has integrated the latest innovation combined with the blockchain technology!

BitVertiser is a a unique and modern platform Bitcoin Paid-to-Click website for clients to earn BTC by surfing ads as well as make campaigns to promote their sites or products related to Bitcoins.

We offer various ways to collect and earn Bitcoin like listed below and many other methods that will come in the future.

Our member will benefit:

- Earn up to 100,000 Satoshies per day;
- Earn up to 100% per referral click;
- Minimum payout is 0.0002 BTC (20,000 Satoshies);
- Earn Unlimited 10%-5% From Referral Upgrade.
- Earn  6%-4% From Referral Purchases ;
- CPC starts from 1 Satoshies;
- No Hidden Fee for withdrawing ( Network Fees: 4000 Satoshies + 10% Our Fees;
- Choose a duration of 1 to 60 seconds;
- Multiple payment currency support (Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and more will be introduced in the future);

- Upgrade your account and earn up to 3,000,000 Satohies per month from High Satoshies Ads.

Referral Contest: total prize 10,000.000 Satoshies (0.1 BTC) Contest!

First 1000 members will get 500 Satohies for free in their Purchase Balances

First Investors until 16th January will receive 20% back from their investment. The minimum investment to get your bonus is 100,000 Satoshies (0.001BTC).


With Bitvertiser you can earn up to 1.50% daily with a 180% total return after 120 day with no investment risks. For more details please visit our upgrade page: Upgrade Membership


In the next few days BitVertiser will start adding Offerwalls to help you to earn more bitcoins without any risks or investments.


Free Upgrade Membership for First 10 Users ( Left 5)  Hurry Up! .
Deposit 10,000,000 Satoshies (0.1 BTC) + and get Free Sapphire  Membership 30 Days ( worth is 2,000,000 Satohies)

The future is in your favor, act now to collect Bitcoin and write your story with BitVertiser.

All the best,

Russell Weissman

We have paid 27,561,449Satoshis to our members